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Business All Over, LLC is a new breed of hybrid companies, offering a full-service customer service driven business model in a Fintech world.  We have over 100+ loan portals, 10,000 loan variations, 200+ loan agents, a loan school with second to none tools for students that are learning the craft, earning while learning, and ground-breaking technology from pricing engines to mobile applications. We are also a preferred national commercial real estate lending partner with groups totaling over 1.3 million real estate investors. 













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Business All Over, LLC - Giving a Presentation

Business All Over, LLC provides financing nationwide representing over 110+ specialty lenders offering literally thousands of commercial real estate loan programs and loan variations with billions of dollars to immediately deploy. We specialize in non-bank type loans $100k or greater. Business All Over is a full-service brokerage coordinating and packaging loan files, placement as well as title insurance, property insurance, realtor, lawyers, and more. We act as your “quarterback” and will do everything in our power to get loans closed as quickly and smoothly as possible for our clients.

On the Permanent Side we do:
1. Bank Loans (conventional and SBA loans 1M+),
2. Bank Alternate Stated loans (these lenders are not banks and borrowers do not need to submit tax returns to qualify for these types of loans).

On the Temporary Side we do:
3. Renovation loans

(for 1-4 unit investment properties and some standard commercial properties),
4. Bridge Loans

(for 1-4 unit investment properties and commercial properties) and
5. Ground Up Construction loans

(for 1-4 unit investment properties).

Business All Over, LLC - Market Analysis

The principals of Business All Over, LLC has been in the commercial lending business for over 20 years and knows how to properly advise a borrower on any type of commercial real estate transaction. We have worked with thousands of borrowers, and continue to, due to our superior customer service and knowledge of this business. We stay with our borrowers throughout every step of the commercial lending process to ensure the loan closes properly and in a timely fashion. Business All Over personally handles all title insurance issues, property insurance issues and does all of the coordinating with every party involved in the transaction for our clients. 
Please review the product sheet on our website, which is a summary of the lending programs we offer. New lenders and programs are added weekly.

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